5 Tips for Successful Roof Renovation

Date: 13th March 2013


Many people overlook the structure that's keeping their home and possessions dry... until it is a matter of urgency. So we've compiled 5 tips on getting a roof renovation that lasts for years, to save you money and stress in the long run.

  1. Select High Quality Roof Materials

  2. Using only high quality roof materials means you'll avoid frequent repair or restoration, saving you dollars.

    Simply choosing the cheapest quote for roof renovation can means the roofer will use inferior quality materials and workmanship may be rushed or not up to standard... thus increasing the chances of either many roof repairs, or a full roof replacement later on.Roofing Works 101 Ltd recommends premium concrete roof tiles for longevity and appearance. Concrete tiles are a modern, affordable option, and Monier tiles come with a 50-year guarantee. These new types of roof tiles will not rust, warp or corrode, and they also offer thermal insulation.


  3. Use Licensed Roofing Professionals

  4. Make sure that all roof restoration work is performed correctly, by an experienced, licensed professional. Good roofing companies also comply with all work safety guidelines. If an unprofessional roofer tries to cut corners with waterproofing your roof, you'll find yourself down the track having to get a roofer in again, along with patching up a damp ceiling.

    Rhys Jones, Roofing and Pricing Manager is currently a Licensed Building Practitioner in Roofing and our staff are Height and Harness certified.


  5. Ensure Premium Sealant is used

  6. Also ensure that the concrete sealant used is of high quality, as this will help to keep leaks at bay even in heavy rain. If you notice any leaking or dampness in the ceiling, call the roofers right away. A quick fix in time can save your ceiling and ensure more leaking does not occur.


  7. Preventative Roof Inspections

  8. Get a roof report done every two-three years. This free inspection will save you money, as the roof repairer can go on to fix minor issues before they become major problems. Of course, it is much cheaper to repair or restore a roof rather than replace it.


  9. If Restoring or Re-Roofing

  10. Roofing Works will give you an honest opinion on what restoration needs to be carried out on your roof for long term effectiveness. If it doesn’t need doing, we won’t suggest it!

    If electing to have a full roof renovation of quality roof tiles, then you won't need to even worry about paint - because the tiles come pre-painted in a wide range of colours. Concrete roof tiles come in around a dozen colours, ranging from charcoal grey to desert sand (sand really looks like terracotta). There are also three different styles (or profiles) to choose from, so the final look suits a wide range of homes, from the large modern home to the traditional cottage.