Want to re-roof?


Concrete or clay roof tiles for Re-roofing


How many times have you had to had to patch your ceiling and repaint it after a leak?  

If the answer is too many, perhaps its time to replace your roof with concrete tiles.


Often a roof is the last thing you consider, but it is an essential part of your house that provides protection, warmth and controls the moisture and damp within your home.


If your roof is old and tired and is damaging the inside of your home, a new roof will provide you with many benefits only found using a concrete or terracotta tile.


Guarenteed for 50 years!


By re roofing you will give your house a smart new appearance while adding value to your property and providing significant resale value.


When its time to sell your property you won't have to worry about failing a roof inspection. Roofing Works (2010) Ltd guarantees it's workmanship for 5 years and the Monier product guarantee of 50 years will also be issued upon completion of the re roof.


Roofing Works (2010) Ltd specialises in re-roofing so we will ensure we can give you the best possible advise on your existing roof and adding or keeping any existing materials if possible.


If your renovating, preparing to sell or preparing to maintain your home contact us and we will only be too happy to talk to you and provide you with a free quote.


For more information on concrete roof tiles click here to see Why concrete tiles?




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G U A R A N T E E S:

** 50 year product gurantee**

** 5 year
guarantee **