Roofing Works (2010) Ltd. - specialists in concrete and clay tile roofing


Roofing Works (2010) Ltd are concrete and clay tile roofing specialists in the following:


  • Repair's
  • Maintenance
  • Re-pointing
  • Lead Flashing's 
  • Inspections and Reporting 

Roofing Works (2010) Ltd maintains a high standard of service and workmanship for all of our clients.
We are a reliable company who offer friendly and professional service.


The People

Rhys Jones, Roofing Manager

Licenced Building Practitioner - Class: Roofing 1

Height & Harness Certified - NZ15757

Rhys has 40 years in the concrete & clay tile industry, is highly respected and well known for his experience and ease to work with.
He is an experienced roofer himself who ran tile training gangs for Monier for many years which included training staff in New Zealand, Australia & The United States, including our own Tile Roofing Contractors who he has worked with for a number of years.



Vanya Walker, Director, Office Manager

Vanya is the Company Director of Roofing Works (2010) Ltd and has had a strong history within the area's of Sales and Service and Account Management over the last 15 years. Vanya is hands on within the business and runs the office to ensure all administrative and financial aspects of the business are running smoothly. With customer focus being important Vanya is always happy to assist with any queries our clients may have.


Company Values
Here at Roofing Works (2010) Ltd we value prompt & reliable service, quality workmanship and communication.
We use Monier concrete tiles which have a 50 year product guarantee and Roofing Works (2010) also provides a 5 year workmanship guarantee.
A Producer Statement will be issued upon roof completion with the above guarantee certificates included.




  • We are committed to delivering quality workmanship on time. 
  • Committed to communication. 
  • Committed to providing an outstanding end result.



3 days is our standard time which allows a site visit if required. However, we will always ensure that any urgent pricing will be accommodated.                                                                                  Quotes are valid for 90 days from date of issue after which a revised quote may be necessary.



Roofing Works (2010) Ltd will always ensure our pricing is correct which eliminates
product and service waste and ensurs that we are working on exactly what is quoted.
Our price reflects our workmanship and industry experience.

Roofing Works (2010) Ltd includes in our pricing, material supply and labour. Depending on the type of roofing work that is required you will see a variance in what materials are supplied and any additional hireage that is needed ie: safety rail, bins.
All prices will be clearly outlined in our quotation.


Terms of Trade
A 50% Deposit is required to commence work for any supply and install of additions and lead flashing work. The remaining balance is to be paid in full within 7 days of receipt of invoice for the completed job. Once final payment is received and is applicable a Producer Statement will be issued for the Workmanship Guarantee and a Tile Warranty certificate given.

Rentensions will not be agreed to upon acceptance of the quote.

Any additional work required outside of the quote will be undertaken with agreement between both parties and charged as an extra.


Roofing Works (2010) Ltd. - Specialists in concrete and clay tile roofing


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G U A R A N T E E S:

** 50 year product
guarantee **

** 5 year workmanship
guarantee **