Caring for your Roof


Your roof is required to remain waterproof for a long time. Many leaks are preventable by regular checks and keeping the maintenance up on your roof.


You can do this by having your ridging checked, checking your gutters and checking your flashings so that if any problems might arise they can be dealt with quickly and appropriately.


Tiles can often be damaged when someone accesses the roof (ie: TV aerial, burglar alarm or installation installers) so it is worthwhile checking that they have left the roof in good order.

Below are some handy hints to ensure your roof remains watertight:


  • Roof traffic should be kept to a minimum.
  • Only access your roof when absolutely necessary and observe safety requirements and consider fall protection.
  • Wear soft sole, non-slip footware
  • Always be aware of weather conditions, as tiles can be slippery.
  • Extend your ladder at least 1 metre past the gutter and secure.
  • Only step on the lower centre of roof tiles.
  • Secure a walkway of plywood, ladders, planks etc if heavy traffic is necessary.
  • Remove roof tiles by kicking the lower centre of the tile towards the ridge.
  • Before performing any maintenance to your roof, it is recommended that your consult a roofing specialist.


CAUTION: If your roof needs checking or if you have a roof leak, it is always best to employ an expert trades person to undertake the work for you, as walking around on roofs can be dangerous and you may cause additional damage to your tiles.




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