Roofing Facts

There are many facts about roofs that should be considered before buying or re-roofing:


Warm Facts - 40% of heat in a house is lost through the roof. The density of concrete and terracotta roof tiles provides highly effective thermal insulation relative to other roofing materials.


Moisture Facts - A tiled roof can 'breathe' minimising the need for insulation against the corrosive effects of condensation that can affect other roofing materials and your living environment.


Wind Facts – The tile fixing system was developed and tested at the James Cook Cyclone Testing Station by CSR Monier Wunderlich providing the benchmark in fixing tiles securely allowing them to be an excellent performer in high wind zones.


Rain Facts – even in severe downpours, tiles absorb negligible amounts of water. This absorption does not affect the tiles weatherproofing performance. In fact, independent research indicates that tiles absorb less water with age.


Fire Facts – Concrete and terracotta roof tiles are fire resistant. They are non- combustible materials which provide the very best protection against radiant heat.


Ice Facts – If building in a frost-prone area, tiles will not be affected or damaged by frost or ice due to modern design and manufacturing methods.


Salt Facts – Tiles are not affected in anyway by exposure to salt air, making them ideal for coastal locations.


Corrosion Facts – Unlike other roofing materials, tiles will not corrode in any environment.


Quiet Facts – The density of tiles ensures that you have a quiet home and acts as a natural sound barrier to external noise. Low frequency noise can be hard to block out and a tile roof is effective at shutting this out.


Clean Facts – In some climates moss and lichen can grown on your tiles. This won't affect your tiles in anyway and can add character to your roof. However if you prefer the clean lines of your tiles, moss, lichen and grime can be easily removed with a high pressure water spray and a suitable cleaning agent.


Natural Salts Facts – Occasionally, the natural salts within a concrete tile can migrate to the surface as a whitish grey discolouration called efflorescence or 'bloom'. This does not effect the tiles performance. If this does appear on your tiles it will disappear naturally over time.


Concrete Tile Colour Facts – The colour coating on concrete tiles is purely decorative and plays no role in any protective or waterproofing function. Over time the colour coating may take on a more subdued, matt appearance because of the effects of air pollution and UV rays from the sun.


Terracotta Tile Colour Facts – The colour of both glazed and natural terracotta will never ever fade because they are fired. No other roofing material can offer such a guarantee.


Investment Facts – Your tile roof plays a critical role and is a surprising affordable choice considering their long term benefits.




**All care has been taken in the compilation of the Roofing Facts page. However, Roofing Works (2010) Ltd accepts no responsibility or liability for the contents and recommends that all standards and recommendations are independently checked.


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