Roofing Repairs - Why It Is Not A DIY Job

Date: 6th June 2013


If your roof starts to leak, you may think it's time to get up there and fix it yourself. This is not a good idea. Even without the dangers of being up on your roof, roofing repairs are nearly always tricky and expensive, especially if you don't know what you're doing. It's best to leave it to the professionals, so you don't make a mistake that you'll regret later on.


Before getting into the details of why roofing repairs should be done by professionals, the definition of a repair should be clarified. There are generally three options when it comes to fixing a deteriorating roof: repair, restoration or replacement. A repair is removing whatever is damaged or worn and replacing it with new material to extend its life. A roof restoration is adding to the roof that is already there, generally by coating the tiles, rather than replacing. For a restoration to last, it has to be put onto a roof that does not need any repairing. Quite commonly when it comes to a restoration a repair must take place first to make it structurally sound. Finally there is replacement, which is also generally the final step for a roof. When there is too much damage to be easily repaired, the entire roof may need replacing. This is the best option as you get the most life out of it, but also the most expensive. For now, we'll just focus on repair.


A great example of a roofing repair job that seems easy but is actually very tricky is a chimney repair. Chimneys are commonly where leaks are found. Re-sealing may sound simple but applying it incorrectly will worsen the damage. If even the smallest hole or crack in the cement will allow water into your home, and any puddles in the cement will hold water and cause a lot of damage. Another issue with letting water leak in your home is this will encourage the growth of mould in the roof, creating a very hazardous environment for your family's health.


Replacing tiles on the roof can be very expensive and they must be nailed in at the exact correct place or else bigger problems may occur. As well as this, a roofing repairs company will have the appropriate safety gear and training to repair your roof without injury. Even falling from a single storey house can be fatal, or at least cause serious injury. It's better not to take the risk.


With all of these considerations it is far wiser to contact a roofing company for a quote if you need repairs. While the labour may be expensive you will save costs on equipment and possible extra damage, not to mention prevent injury. Your roofing company will give you a free quote and will know exactly what problems there are and how to deal with them.