Benefits of concrete roof tiles


Durable and Time Proven - Concrete tiles are made to last.


Moisture Control – Concrete tiles have a laps which allows moisture to escape assisting in controlling the moisture and damp in your home.


Versatile & Stylish – Concrete tiles can meet many design demands of almost any shape or contoured roof.


Low Maintenance – Concrete tiles provides you with a virtually maintenance-free roof that won't rot, rust, peel, crack, spilt, corrode or warp. They won't become porous and leak or be affected by salt air or frost.


Robust – Concrete tiles are robust against all weather elements especially in high wind zones, coastal area's and high temperature locations.


Quiet - Concrete tiles provide you with sound proofing qualities making them invaluable for high traffic locations and low frequency noise area's.
No cracking noise with expansion & contraction. Minimises the sound of rain & hail.


Safe Drinking Water – Concrete tiles are a safer option if you collect your own drinking water. The water will not contain zinc or aluminium ions.


Fire Resistant – Concrete tiles are incombustible and fully fire resistant.


What about Terracotta Tiles? 

Terracotta (clay) tiles possess all the same benefits as the concrete tiles and have a lasting strength & durability that gives you a practical and beautiful roof.
It has great versatility and a natural beauty that comes from the earth itself.

Clay tiles allow your roof to breathe which will help to keep your home cool over the summer months.

They need little or no maintenance and will not fade.
A clay tile roof will help form the character and atmosphere of the style of home you want to create or renovate.




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